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The internet is now an integral part of life of everybody. Thanks to the advancement in the online business industries, you can order products, buy groceries, and get services. Therefore, starting an online business can be a great option. But several people do not know how to start an online business in UAE. But do not worry; there are many agents who assist you in any business formation and getting the SHAMS free zone business license in this prosperous country. All you need to do is define your requirements and move forward with the professionals.

Business people aiming to expand or aspirants who want to join the market of Dubai must not miss out on the possibility of forming their online business in Dubai. Shams Sharjah covers a wide range of business activities available for those wishing to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the UAE. Moreover, this is a booming industry with a tone of potential. If you are willing to launch an online business, we have made a complete guide on starting an online business and how to get a license for an online business in UAE to walk you through each step you must take to start your business successfully.

Steps For Starting an Online Business in UAE

The process of starting an online business in the UAE is simple. Here are all the key steps that you need to take to establish such a business

Decide Your Business Activity 

The first move to start an online business in the UAE is choosing the business activity you want to run. Business people have to review their products and services and make a list of their activities.

Always re-examine the list before presenting it to the relevant department for approval to avoid any issues in the future. In addition, you can create an application for extra approvals to get permission to carry out other business activities as well.

Book a Business Name 

What will be the name of your business? Do you make a list for the same? This is necessary to have the business name reservation payment slip for starting an online business in the UAE. In addition, ensure that you follow all the naming convention options supported by the government of the UAE. Newer utilize critical words or terms that are objective in any way. Keep in mind that extra cost is collected for overseas business names.

Decide the Location 

In which location do you want to begin an online business in the UAE? You can choose to form your corporation on the mainland to reach the local market. Moreover, you can also start your business in the IFZA Free Zone Dubai with an independent and lenient jurisdiction. Although, you can directly create the business in the virtual office.

The spot you select has a significant part to play in developing your corporation. Therefore, you have always consulted with the legal consultants before deciding on the business setup location.

Apply for Online Business License 

The next move is to obtain an online business license in UAE for your online business. There are many online business licenses you can get to start your business. They include – a virtual company license, e-trader license, and portal license. Moreover, this legal permit empowers you to run all the permitted business activities in your suitable business zone.

Host a Website 

You have to sustain an excellent online presence to form a name for your brand in the market. Thus, hosting a customized business website has to be a top priority for starting an online business in the SHAMS free zone. Giving flexible payment choices improves the possibility of scoring a sale. In addition, always choose a reliable hosting partner for your website and apply easy-to-use navigation. Do not overlook checking the website loading speed as well.

Open a Bank Account 

You can secure a bank account in one of the authorized international and domestic banks in the UAE. Moreover, ensure that the selected bank gives the most convenient banking features and long-term benefits. Business people wondering about starting an online business and getting a license for an online business in UAE can consult with the Company Formation Specialists. The professionals help you locate the most suitable banks for your online business and give end-to-end help.

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