IFZA Free Zone Business Setup

If you’re looking to launch a business in Dubai, the International Free Zone Authority offers a variety of license options and modern amenities. IFZA Dubai free zone has just relocated from Fujairah to the city of Dubai, yet it continues to attract investors from all over the world because of its low startup costs, great services, and world-class amenities.

To help you understand why IFZA Dubai is the best option to set up your business in Dubai, we’ve compiled a handy guide. Continue reading to learn more about it.

1. Setting Up a Business at a Low Cost

In the IFZA free zone, establishing a business is both cost-effective and simple. The procedure of setting up a business in IFZA Dubai is made even simpler by working with a team of experienced Company Setup professionals.

Company Setup specialists can help you, but the process is still quite affordable and cheap compared to other parts of Dubai.

2. Make the Bank Account Opening Process Easier

Another reason why IFZA free zone is a good site to incorporate a business is the ease with which bank accounts may be opened. The National Bank of Fujairah is owned by the government of Fujairah, which enables it to expand its reach into corporate and commercial banking. The NBF also serves the manufacturing, construction, educational, and healthcare industries.

3. No Capital Requirement for Shareholders

When it comes to starting a firm, investors don’t have to worry about coming up with a certain amount of money. A good opportunity for investors to come forward and start up a business in IFZA Dubai arises out of this situation.

4. Wide Range of Commercial Activities

Consulting, service activities, e-commerce, trading, and industrial activity are all available through IFZA Dubai. On top of all of this, the IFZA free zone Holding License permits the ownership of both standalone assets and shares in other corporations. To get a license in Dubai, you are usually required to present a large amount of money in a bank account but in IFZA free zone, proof of capital is not required to issue licenses.

5. Complete Tax Exemption

For every firm, whether retail or manufacturing, the time leading up to tax payment is a stressful one. If you launch a business in the IFZA Dubai free zone, you won’t have to deal with any of that. As soon as your firm is incorporated in the region, it is tax-exempt, allowing you to concentrate on your other business activities. Throughout a business, no taxes, personal or commercial, are due.

6. License Upgradability

The number of visas assigned to the company license affects the price of IFZA Dubai company formation packages. There are a variety of visa allocations available in each package, ranging from zero (0) to six (6). Investors can start with zero or one visa package and upgrade later, according to their business requirements. IFZA free zone is also believed to have cheaper costs for providing residency visas than other free zones in the United Arab Emirates.

7. Profit Repatriation

The government doesn’t have to collect any money from you if your business fails to generate more profits and you decide to wind it up or dissolve it. With the IFZA free zone, you have the freedom to take your entire investment and revenues back into your own hands.

Final Words

In a nutshell, IFZA Dubai free zone comes up with lots of attractive amenities. Setting up your business in an IFZA Free Zone is not a game of loss. Our business experts know all about how to set up a company in IFZA Dubai.

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